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posted Mar 16, 2009, 5:38 PM by Dan Harkness

February Update

posted Feb 17, 2009, 2:40 PM by Beth Harkness

WOW.  It's been a whole month since I last posted.  I am not lazy, we just don't have all the much going on.  BUT, there is something I do have to say:  I GOT A JOB!  Ya who.  After I filled out several applications for daycares and corresponded via email with many families relating to a nanny position, I have landed a job at Cornerstone Learning Center in Washington, IL.  It is about 10-15 minutes away from our home in Germantown Hills and the best part is I will be an infant teacher.  From day one I wanted a role with the infants.  The day has finally come!  I am over come with joy.  I start on the 25th of this month.  I am making what I was making when I left ACPC, so that makes me even happier as well.  Things are just falling into place.  

Next week on my mom's birthday I am going to see the Gyno.  I hope that I will FINALLY get some answers to my problem.  If not, then I don't know what to do.  God is watching over the situation and He will do what is needed to be done.  

Dan and I are in the process of finding a church we can call "home."  We have visited a handful and there are two that we REALLY like.  So, we are going to the one down the road from us this weekend and we shall see where the Lord wants us to go.  

I know this isn't that long, but I have to go make dinner for Dan and I.  :)  

Take care and comment away,

Love you all

Beth and Dan

The Journey Has Begun

posted Jan 12, 2009, 11:39 AM by Beth Harkness

Hello.  This is my first post for the Harkness Family homepage.  I hope to make it an interesting one.  I am sitting in the library and have been since 12 in the afternoon.  It is now 1:40 and I have an hour and 20 minutes left before Dan gets out of orientation.  I am going to go bonkers by the end of the week.  I guess someone called the library asking if they could bring a TV in for their child to watch while they worked on the computer.  Who does that?  There are books around for the child to look at.  Good goly.  There is an older gentleman behind me that has sneezed over 10 times in a row (I am not kidding about this) and he is getting so upset about it.  There isn't much he can do about it.  I can relate though, when I start to sneeze it goes on for a while. 
So, that pasted about three minutes.  Hmmm what else.  I am so thirsty right now and there is a huge sign that clearly reads NO FOOD, or DRINK right in front of me.  What I want to do is turn the sign around so I can't see it anymore and take out my bottle of water and drink it!!!  :)
Some lady is in hysterics right now because her car won't start.  Oh man, I know what she feels like.  On Sunday the 11th Dan and I were packing up the van (we purchased a used Dodge Ram caravan) and he had the truck open for about an hour to two.  So, that means the lights were on that whole time.  Eeek.  So, he tried jumping the van with my car and nothing happened.  Millions of thoughts are going through my head and I am thinking the worst.  My dad brings out his battery charger that you leave attached for about 15 to 20 minutes and pray that it gets the battery charged.  Well, after a lot of praying it worked!!  I have never been more happy in all my life to hear a car start. 
He drove the van around and turned it off so he was certain that it would start again.  Yippie.  It worked.  We were all packed and ready to hit the road.  Just one small thing needed to be done before leaving....saying goodbye to my mom and dad.  If you know me and have had to say goodbye you know I don't do it very well.  I sobbed and sobbed.  I love my mom and dad so very much and just hate the thought of being far from them.   If I had my way I would live a few blocks away.  But, anywho, we said goodbye, wiped the tears away and headed for Ikea. 
My parents had bought us a beautiful kitchen table and chairs and we purchased 3 bar stools for the new place.  I don't know what to call the new place, it's nicer than an apartment, but not a townhome.  Back to my story, when Dan was packing the bar stools he noticed one of them was defective.  It was missing the piece that goes at the bottom to keep everything together ( so it is kind of important) so we made a detour to Ikea.  It was only 26 miles out of the way.  Eh, when you're young that isn't to bad. 
We made it to Davenport, IA by 9 PM :)  We stayed in the Radisson (wow!!)  We had a queen size bed and a select comfort mattress.  Let me tell you, I slept like a baby!!!  I ended up in the middle of the bed, which means I was on Dan's side and my side and when you are using a select comfort you shouldn't be sharing sides.  Our numbers were different comfort wise.  But, I feel refreshed. 
We are heading to Peoria tonight and staying at an Extended Stay.  I think we should go grocery shopping so I don't have to eat out everyday for lunch.  Sound good? 
Well, that is all I have for now.  Dan doesn't even know I am posting this.  But, he said that I can do whatever I want to the site.  I am going to try and get a new background. 
Talk to you soon!!
Much Love,
Beth and Dan

Harkness Family Homepage Breaks Ground!!

posted Aug 26, 2008, 8:37 PM by Unknown user

The Harkness Family Homepage has entered the construction phase.

Please stay tuned for updates.

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